It is always a regret to ShieldCrest to have to reject scripts. No matter how good the storyline, if they are full of typing errors and poor grammar that we simply don’t have the time to devote to making the necessary corrections.

We always recommend to authors that on completion of their scripts, they have them proof read by someone who has not been involved with the writing. Authors never see their own mistakes and will always read what they intended to write rather than what is actually on the page.

In addition, we always suggest to our authors that they get someone known to them to read their latest book. This should be someone whose views they respect and who won’t just offer polite comment so as not to offend. They should also be invited to give an honest opinion of the storyline. Very often, with just minor changes, the improvement can be dramatic.

We have several experienced proofreaders and copy editors. This enables us to provide authors with both services for approx £0.006 & £0.008 p/word respectively depending on the book.

Proofreading (approx. £0.006 p/word)
This will ensure that typos, punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors are eliminated. Sentence flow and clarity of message are also commented on.

Editing (approx. £0.008 p/word)
This goes deeper to make sure that the piece of writing is good in every respect. Sentences may be re-constructed so they work better and other changes will be suggested. Often the author may know what they want to say but have got a bit mixed up putting it down into a sentence. This does not change the author’s ‘voice’ and their style remains intact. It is just tidied up and the finishing touches applied.
In essence it makes a first time author look like a seasoned writer.