Social media has become one of the most significant book marketing tools at an author’s disposal. Online networking can enable an author to reach out to a vast audience, eager, engaged and constantly looking for new literary trends.

With a well-orchestrated book marketing campaign executed through social media, an author can generate a groundswell of interest and support.

Following the publication of your book, ShieldCrest will design a specific and tailored Social Media Book Marketing Campaign. This will comprise of targeted ad(s) pushed out through our established social media platform, which functions as a ‘mini-website’. It will get the most out of Facebook  & Instagram ads, to really create a buzz, capture followers and drive potential buyers through to a purchasing platform.

In essence, a Social Media Campaign has much in common with old-fashioned book group networking. Authors no longer need travel up and down the country, giving talks about their book and encouraging book group members to read and discuss the work.

Handled properly, this online version is one of the greatest book promotion and book advertising tools at an author’s fingertips.

Social media is largely about starting the right conversations, producing entertaining, relevant and engaging content. Interacting with the right people online and taking part in online discussions will allow users to get to know the author. This intimate access point as a way of people discovering the author’s work. The sole aim is to increase book sales and fulfil your wider book promotion goals.

We will run your Facebook & Instagram campaigns for a month at a time. We will administer the page on a daily basis to increase the number of followers in your target market. We liaise with you throughout the campaign to generate personal and engaging content.

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Why might Facebook and Instagram Ads for authors work for you?

1.47 billion people are active on Facebook every day, making it the world’s most popular social network. Each person with an account on Facebook readily shares their information: Likes, favorite movies, favorite books, favorite actors, brands, and much more. This critical information allows savvy book marketers to target people most likely to purchase their books.


Choose ShieldCrest to be your Social Media ad team

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can be challenging at first—especially if you don’t have general experience with social networking or book promotion. But that’s where our social media experts come in. They have the skills and knowledge to create a professional ad campaign that targets the audiences of readers on Facebook and Instagram likely to have interest in your book.

We’ll handle everything:

  • Facebook & Instagram Campaign Creation—Before we start your campaign, one of our marketing experts will analyze your book and create a highly targeted audience of Facebook and Instagram members who are likely potential readers of your book.
  • Ad Design—We will then create and launch a compelling ad that leads readers straight to your ShieldCrest sales page or other pages you wish us to target.
  • Reporting—You’ll receive weekly emails detailing your campaign’s performance, including how many readers clicked through to your sales page.










Campaign Focus

Book Sales & Awareness

Book Sales & Awareness

Book Sales & Awareness

No. of Adverts




Minimum Ad Budget





Split Tests

Platforms Advertised On


Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram

Audience Research

Dedicated Project Manager

Ad Creation

Facebook Page Creation

£100 (optional)

£100 (optional)

£100 (optional)

Monthly Reports