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A thought provoking book by Suzelle – A Signature Sign

By 30 July 2015May 18th, 2022No Comments

The author says the aim oBook cover - frontf her book is to share knowledge and show the reader ‘A visual sign in the flesh’. Her work is aimed at being integrated into the areas of: Blood and skin cell formation, its symbolism, spirituality and religion.

Since having a belief in God but perhaps not a true understanding having occasionally attended Church and at other times visited other places of worship throughout her life, it was a stepping stone which satisfied the overall subject area associated with the image she was seeing.

The details are structured to make it clear in a simple and informative manner without being incomprehensible.  The subject matter and contents of this book found their place originally starting out as research. The contents are findings that she recorded as she researched during the four year period and found to be of relevance and thus a path to continue.

Great effort was made firstly in obtaining clarity images, concentrating on inspection, analysis and then assessment then taking steps to uncover the meaning of a particular occurrence.

The book is due for release in the next 2-3 weeks and Suzelle hopes readers might share her thoughts and research and find her book informative.

Look out for its release.

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