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Samantha Kennedy is a writer of romantic novels and ‘The Coming’ is the first in the ‘Yuletide Blessing’ 4 part series.


Yuletide Blessing is a romantic drama in four episodes. In parts it is riddled with humour and smatterings of the supernatural. A young woman, who had been raped and wrongly imprisoned, consequently falls pregnant. While on parole, her daughter was delivered on Christmas day by nuns in a convent, which had been cut off by a snow blizzard. Her child was to be adopted against her will, but she absconded with the baby and they spent six months in sheltered accommodation. They subsequently went on the run and lived on the streets; branded as fugitives of the law.

Just before the girl’s seventh birthday, they returned to Seattle where the majority of the story is based. Soaking wet and sheltering in a garden summerhouse, they are discovered by a kind elderly retired maths teacher, who takes them in and lets them stay with him, in return for performing domestic duties. His grandson, who is a naval pilot, returns home on leave just before Christmas, and at first is uncomfortable with the woman and child remaining.

When the pilot’s mother, who happens to be a deputy district attorney, discovers her father’s arrangement, she insists that the young woman leave immediately, but her son argues against it, having now fallen in love with her and the little girl. Having witnessed the young woman’s incredible artistry and almost mystical powers, the mother’s attitude changes towards her, and she is determined to clear her name in court.

The young woman’s paintings attracted much acclaim in the art world, as did her ability to detect fraudulent works. As the story progresses, far more characters come into the frame, and the narrative digresses to encompass the intimacy of their lives. Because of her powers, the young woman is enlisted by the police to help solve a number of fascinating and exciting cases. She becomes an assistant art teacher at her patron’s old school, where the little girl also attends. She introduces revolutionary teaching methods, and these come to the attention of the principal, who, after risking her position to employ her, has gradually become like a mother figure to her.

I do not want to give too much away, but at the end of the first book, there is a monumental revelation followed by a terrible tragedy.

Books two, three and four continue to follow the adventurous and exciting lives of the young woman, her new family and their friends in the USA and beyond.


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