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Nathan Boot

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I’m Nat — I’m a lawyer turned musician.  My book is a unique memoir of the Brexit and Covid years, drawing on contemporary emails and linked to a dedicated You Tube Channel.

Always original and insightful–before Brexit, I proposed Customs Ports in Northern France, rather than the (crazy) Irish Sea idea…

If pressed to describe the book’s main thrust, I’d call it: political satire, with no punches pulled, interlaced with poetry and educational gems–not forgetting music…

It’s a work that all the family will enjoy dipping into (and, hopefully, fighting for!)


It took me a while to think up a title for this chimera of a work…” Intimate Journal”; “Miscellany”; “Anthology”, but all sounded a bit too Fielding or Richardson so I went with “Snippets” as this is essentially what you’re holding-a mish-mash of not quite daily comments on an Englishman’s existence in these weird and troubled times.

The period covered is mainly 2018 to the present day and it hasn’t been easy laying down the quill–(‘what’s a quill Mummy?’…) with each day that passes there’s a startling revelation-was there ever a busier time for “news”. We’ve become hooked on news-we crave it and the media spew it out, feeding our habit and their bank balances…

There’s no way of course to anticipate tomorrow’s news but that doesn’t stop us clutching at today’s as it flies past!

Perhaps the main criticism of “Snippets” (for those unkind enough to look for one) is that it depicts ‘Englishness’ to the core, though framed admittedly (and inevitably) in the context of Covid 19 and Brexit, those bastions of current global and European news…

I hope that writers in other lands will follow suit with “Snippets” of their own-what better way to see life, and understand it, than through the eyes of an American, Chinaman, Frenchman, Ugandan… and to see it archived honestly and fearlessly (as here, I hope) in events captured in flight through messages to friends, the very instant they occurred….

Some would call this a ‘stocking filler’ and I wouldn’t mind that in the least. I hope readers of all ages will find something in it to enjoy!


To purchase a copy of this book click here


“I hope you enjoyed writing it”; Andrew Rawnsley; Chief Political Commentator; The Observer; (Witty as ever)

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