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Aarav Om

Aarav Om

Aarav Om – Author K.I.N.G. – Tomb of Thoughts.

How can a few words really describe me, my experiences and my journey.

I have many flaws yet I am faithful.

In a few words I follow my heart more than I should.

I am sentimental yet brave.

And when I get emotional and I cry. I don’t see it as a weakness. I see it as a strength.

I respect equality amongst genders.

I want to love so affectionately in life.

This book is a work of my shown affection in words to please the readers and god himself.

If it brings joy,

and if an angel who has seen all

also sheds a tear knowing me,

I would say I have achieved.

This book will make you question if you have faith.

I say, you decide.


Authors quote

No matter how many words I write.

No matter what I say,

you will be you critics,

and I will be me anyway.

Book Publisher UK

If he gives you agony, he gives you relief from that agony, subsiding away in a ship, with no shore in sight

I will die indeed, but how I lived will be proclaimed by many before you, and many after you in my life

If god sent messiah’s I would be one of them, not to close, too far is he to me.

If I do wrong oh god blame me in sight, I am shining in his light, yet I am walking beside you

Humbleness keeps me at bay, and the soul comfort keeps me alive.

No more to say, oh god, no more to say, no more to say, oh god, no more to say

Why should you read this book?

I am quiet sure what happened in my life has been biblical and I want to share.

So, if your seeking an enlightenment reading this book, not only will help it will compel.

Stride down my memory lane that’s what this book is about.

Every time in life some one said to me no you can’t. I was reluctant to hear the words, yes I can.

Words aren’t just words, they are a weapon, and I am going to show you how.

Read my book.

And I strongly belief in the five words K.A.R.M.A

Which in different views is represented in this book

Loving you and leaving you for now AARAV OM.

To purchase a copy of this book click here

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