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After visiting schools and supporting primary school children with writing clubs, author Catrienne McGuire decided to make her stories into something suitable for children.

After being given an enthusiastic audience by children chanting; “Big Mac”, with the help of her avid listeners she decided to embark on the first of an adventure series of books called “Big Mac and Butters, School Detectives.”

Butters and Big Mac School Detectives and the Reservoir Frogs is the latest in the series.

This is the fourth in the Big Mac and Butters School detective series.  

In this book we see the next generation of detectives and their adventures and how they infiltrate a gang of bullying frogs who live by the ponds surrounding the reservoir. They use local bird life to help them control all the stolen goods and move them around the area without being captured, referring to them as County Chimes.

See how our two newly discovered detectives go it alone and try to capture the gang but while doing so get captured themselves!


To purchase a copy of this book click here

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