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Claudia Gabriela Felecan

Claudia Gabriela Felecan


Claudia Gabriela Felecan came to the UK from an ex-communist country with a childhood filled with doctrines and fears.

In her book she wants to pass on the message that no matter what you go through, it is important to show understanding and forgiveness, in order to move forward.

Save yourself

People in general are on a quest for dreams and aspirations and that is the nature of humankind. Without it, there is no evolution or progression. We have evolved so much in many fields, yet in some we are still just as primitive as we ever were.

 But there is one thing, that no matter who we are, or where we come from—what part of the world, culture or skin colour, we all are in need and long for GOOD. Maybe this is the one thing that can save humankind, going back to GOOD.

In conclusion, find a way to make as much of life as you can in every possible way, so you can say, ‘It was worth it’. This is what I have learned along the way.

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