E. Lennox Manton has long been interested in the ramifications of the Roman Empire. After visiting the Roman sites in North Africa, he was asked to write a book on the Roman occupation of North Africa.

Lennox became more interested in St Paul’s Journeys in Asia Minor and over the years visited the sites associated with his journeys.

This book illuminates the journeys of Saint Paul in Roman Asia Minor in a way that has not previously been attempted. The discussion presented here is in no way an effort to discuss various aspects of Saint Paul‘s theology. Saint Paul was reticent with the details of his journeys and this has given rise to much subsequent learned speculation as to their actual course and possible deviations.

In the nineteen sixties Lennox drove over the course of Saint Paul’s journeys, visiting those cities known to him. Many of the roads, especially that between Laodicea and Antalya, had very poor surfaces. Lennox speculated then that these roads must have been much worse in Saint Paul’s time. He was drawn to the conclusion that St Paul’s journeys may have deviated from historical and theological accepted wisdom. In this book Lennox has proposed what he believes to be some likely variations in the routes of parts of his journeys.

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