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Lainey Dee

Lainey Dee


The author was born in Birmingham and raised in Worcestershire. She loves antiques and art deco and her home is decorated in the period style.  Her leisure time is spent visiting art centres, museums and National Trust properties.

‘Let’s Celebrate Being Different’ is her second book and sets out to teach children to accept who they are and that they don’t have to conform to the ideas of others.

Let's Celebrate Being Different

Todd is different from all the other animals -with the head of a bird, the tummy of a bear and the legs of a tiger and he feels he doesn’t  quite fit in anywhere! His family love him dearly but it’s hard for him to make friends.

During a visit to his grandmother’s, Todd express’s his concern and she tells him: ‘It’s okay to be different’.

Instilled with new confidence he sets out for the Friday Club, a place where all the animals gather and socialise with their friends. Will he find the courage to face his fears and embrace his differences?

He might be surprised to find some friends along the way! More importantly can he learn to accept himself?


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