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Lee Francis

Lee Francis

Having lived a life of turmoil, this book is about my inner battle to do good, my war of self and the battle to save lives as a result of war. I am just an uneducated person who stood up and dared to be different.

I must also take this opportunity to thank Tatyana, my online saviour, she brought me back from the brink.

All proceeds of this book are going to help support the war-torn people of Ukraine…. Putin is the problem, not the majority of the Russian people!

UK Book Publishers

It’s a new day and I fight for a cause. So, what if the motive for now is wrong, to let it sink in I pause. Fighting for a just world, neigh a just cause can never be wrong, even if I do so someday, I belong. It doesn’t matter because I did what was right, I encourage losers everywhere to stop the self-pity and fight. Fight yourself ,your vanity and pride, fight for Ukraine or another cause, but pick a good side. One day words will end death, in part thanks to losers like we. One day we will all find a place to belong you see.


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