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With a rich history spanning 15 years as a infantry soldier serving in War-torn countries, my journey took an unexpected turn when I delved into the world of children’s literature.

Little did I imagine a stray cat, Ron, who found his way to our home after wondering part of the Cornish coast, would become the inspiration for my writing.

Writing a children’s book was completely out of my comfort zone, but my wife’s encouragement and Ron’s captivating tale compelled me to share it.

Through the whimsical adventure of Little Ron cat, I aim to convey resilience, hope and the power of unexpected connections.

So join me in this literary journey as we explore the untold story of a brave little cat who, like many, faced trials and tribulations on his remarkable journey.

“My name’s Little Ron Cat and I am looking for a home. I have searched everywhere: I wander, and I roam. But Nobody wants me, and I am all alone.”

Join Ron, a spirited little cat, with a adventurous heart, as he navigates a journey around the Cornish coastline.

Determined to find a purr-fect home, Ron encounters some of Cornwall’s wild coast with playful seagulls and seasonal Cornish weather.

Through each escapade, children will learn about the importance of perseverance, and the magic of finding a place to call home.

“Ron’s coastal quest” is a heart warming tale, that combines playful story telling with the enchanting backdrop of the Cornish coast. 


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