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Sandy Bee

Children's Book Publishers UKx
In addition to her inspiring stories and illustrations, which engage children throughout, Sandy incorporates an educational theme in all her work.
In this book she teaches children about the animal kingdom and topical issues such as taking care of the environment.

Granny Rescues Reggie

This story features Granny who may be old and alone, but she’s feisty and decides to take an animal from her local zoo.
She returns home with a sad and lonely elephant who speaks to her! She names him Reggie and he is pining for his friend, Thelma, who was sent away to another zoo.
Reggie hangs on to hope and carries a jar full of dreams. Granny then rescues Thelma, bringing the elephants together again.
They all live happily until one sad but sunny day when the elephants decide to leave.
The story is about loneliness, friendship, kindness and finding your dreams – sharing with friends.


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“There is a special place for books that work late at night for reader and child. Especially a Granny book. Sandy Bee writes with love, humour and rhyme to enter that late night space. This is an uplifting book for all curious children who love Grannies and animals. And it will make you want to write your own!”
Professor Ralph Tabberer CB, former Director General of Schools, England.
“Most children’s writers don’t get to illustrate their own work; here it works a treat, the colourful and gentle drawings perfectly complementing the tone of the story. Granny is lonely and decides to liberate an animal from the zoo, finally settling on an elephant which on taking back home – the way you do – discovers it can talk. And that’s only the start of their adventure together! Joined by another elephant they embark on an international quest. Fun thought it all is, loneliness and late-life ambition is the elephant in the room of this multi-levelled tale. Children will absorb the story’s nuances as it is read to them on the knee of a granny – or grandad – who they will never look at in the same way ever again. ‘Make your dreams come true’ are the last words of the story. No matter how long it takes.”
Roger Mills, Lecturer in Creative Writing, London.

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