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Steve O'Grady

Steve O’Grady


Steve O’Grady is an ex-prison officer who left his job in the prison service to gain a degree in Biosciences. He won the Oxford University Press Biosciences award in 2008.

His fascination with life and the universe prompted him to write this book.

Right Back at You

Right Back at You holds a magnifying glass to the mysteries of our minds. It explores how our human minds are immersed in simulation because the universe is a simulation.

Fight your fear of death, banish ghosts and see your reflection in a mirror in a brand new light. Mind your language when you speak of mental-illness and face your fears of infection and disease. Scrutinising stars, understanding black holes, challenging superheroes, decoding consciousness and awakening from our dreams are equally important steps on the journey.

Referencing TV shows, movies, science journals, comic books, art and literature, the book examines why our conflicts with ourselves create who we really are.

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