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Book Launch

Announcing the release of “Charlie and the Dream” by Paul Robinson in a brilliantly written new series of short stories.

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Book cover - frontPaul Robinson has been working with children with special needs and deaf children in particular for forty years and has always enjoyed writing. He also has always had a keen interest in reading Sherlock Holmes stories.

One day while at work, he met a young girl called Charlotte and suddenly Charlie Holmes sprang fully formed into his head. Charlie is profoundly deaf and a girl with great intelligence and a bucketful of sympathy for people and their problems. She has enormous reserves of courage and a strong sense of right and wrong so when she teams up with a friend called Joanne who has autism, criminals had better watch out.

“Charlie and the Dream” features 5 short stories and will be followed shortly by a full length novel so get yourself introduced to these two sleuths.

  • ShieldCrest Publishing – Here
  • Amazon Books – Paperback Here
  • Waterstones Books – Paperback Coming Soon
  • WH Smith Books – Paperback Coming Soon
  • Blackwell Books – Paperback Coming Soon

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