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Book editing is an incredibly important part of the process of transforming your manuscript into a finished book. When you edit a book, you make it better. Each of the different elements of editing are essential to improve the final product. As an author, your voice, message, and story are there on every page and in every word, but editing can help to make your message clearer, your voice stronger, and your story more powerful. An editor is removed from the story, they see it with fresh eyes and can bring an insight that can be hard to achieve when you are so entangled in the characters and the storyline. An editor is such an essential part of the team that will make your book everything that it should be.

Types of Book Editing

There are different types and each one is distinctively essential to improve your book. Sometimes these are done by the same person, but not at the same time, as you need to work through the stages, in turn, to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

  • Developmental – this is looking at the overall story; are there any weaknesses in the plot, do the characters behave as they should give their personalities, are their voices consistent and believable?
  • Copy – this involves checking all the grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and making sure that it is all correct and as it should be. Copy editing focuses on the mechanics of your writing.
  • Line editing – this is a detailed look at the style of each line and ensures that you make the most of every line within the book.
  • Proofreading – this must be the final step where the text is closely checked for any inaccuracies or errors. It is easy to read the words that should be there, instead of the words that are actually on the page.

How Long Does the Editing Process Take?

Each step of the process takes time, and it is worth spending the time doing it properly, as the editing process can change a book from a good book, into a truly remarkable one. The developmental edit will take the longest. This can take months, as many as 6 months, depending on how many needs altering and how quickly the author and editor carry out changes. The copy edit and line edit take between 4 and 7 weeks in general, whilst the proofreading is quicker, with 2 to 3 weeks expected as a turnaround for a standard book. As always, it does depend upon many factors such as the length and type of book, as well as how much editing the author has already done on the book.

What Do Book Editing Services Cost?

If you hire an editor to work on your book with you, then you will expect to pay standard freelancer rates, which can add up. If you come to the team at ShieldCrest, we can provide you with book editing services as part of our publishing services to make sure that your book is the very best it can be. We price by word so that you will always know how much it will cost, and work hard to ensure that our prices are affordable and fair.

The Editorial Process

The editing process can be difficult for writers. It is easy to get upset if your manuscript comes back covered in red pen. But, remember, here at ShieldCrest we only work with writers that we believe in, and none of us are perfect, we all have room to learn and grow. If you are working with us, we are invested in you and your book. Working on the edit will just help to make your book even better, appeal to more people, and ultimately sell more copies. Our professional editing service will give you supportive and constructive advice in a helpful and uncritical manner.

Does an Author Have to Accept Every Change an Editor Makes?

The editing process is not a one-sided conversation, but rather a discussion. There may be changes that an editor suggests as part of the edit, that you are loath reluctant to make for certain reasons. These reasons may be completely justified, and our professional editors will always work with you to ensure that you are happy with the final version of your book.

Tips for Success

Working with a professional book editor will help you with your editing process. Choose a book editor who you can communicate well with, you want to be able to have a discussion about certain elements of the plot, not simply be told what to change. Trusting the professional you are working with is a key part of the editing process, and when you come to the team at ShieldCrest we will make sure that we selected the best editor for you to work with on your book.

Tips for Self-Editing

Before you send your book to a publishing house, you should edit it yourself to the best of your ability. Put yourself in the mind of your reader. Have you written a book aimed at 10-year girls? Ask a 10-year-old girl to read it, or imagine you are a 10-year-old girl. When we read something that we have written, we know what we meant to say, which isn’t always what we have actually said. Try to read your book with fresh eyes. Various pieces of software will help with checking spelling and grammar, and when proofreading, there are tricks such as reading the words from the bottom of the page up, or reading the pages in reverse, so that you read the actual words, not the story.

Publishing Industry Standards and Best Practices

As reputable publishers, we always aim to uphold high industry standards and make sure that the books that we publish meet these criteria. This includes making sure that books are edited correctly and that each book has been optimised to be the very best that it can be. We always follow industry standards and best practices.

Is It Important To Edit?

Yes, it is incredibly important. A professional editor can transform a book. You have created a wonderful story, an editor can make it even better. Don’t ever skimp on the edit of your book, as you will be missing out on so many opportunities. Make your book the best it can be and work with us and our service to bring out the very best in your book

The Future For The Book Editor

The ability to edit a book is such an essential skill and one that is crucial to the publishing industry. Editing copy professionally, and tactfully, to encourage writers to hone their stories and create masterpieces is a vital part of the process. Without editors, we wouldn’t have amazing books, many stories need an outside view, a professional edit, just to bring them fully into focus, and capture that unique tone. Never underestimate the power of a good edit. Don’t leave your bestseller to chance, work with a ShieldCrest editor today.

Choose One Of Our Comprehensive Services Today

Work with the team at ShieldCrest to maximise the potential of your book. We want to make your book everything that you dream it could be. Editing is a vital part of the publishing process, so make sure you make the most of our professionals. Your book is incredible, and your story is waiting to be told, in the vibrant voices of your wealth of characters. All an editor does is make sure that their voices are clear, and that your story will be heard. We don’t change your story, we make sure your story is the best it can be. Speak to our experienced team today for more advice.

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