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HYTUS III from Keith Willans is on the way

By 20 September 2016May 18th, 2022No Comments

author-pic-new-cropped-27-5-13Following on from Keith Willans’ successful first HYTUS novel published in 2011 and the second, HYTUS II – Operation Bonaparte published in 2013, we shall shortly be releasing HYTUS III – Mayotte; the third and final novel in the trilogy.

Harpur is the lead figure and is an accomplished athlete with the ability to overcome all adversaries. He’s blessed with physical attributes which far exceed those of the average athlete, whatever the discipline. He also enjoys the mixed mental blessing of being able to sense on meeting whether or not a person is friend or foe and even receives a subliminal mental picture of a person under duress, more so when he himself is physically or mentally stressed. These abilities are heightened considerably if a loved one’s well-being is threatened.

Anticipated release date is end October 2016.

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