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In the past, there were not many chances to explore the creativity of an author. But nowadays, it is possible. Authors can add or eliminate numerous aspects. They do it to make their fiction more appealing to the publishers in London and the readers as well.

However, there is no such format for writing fiction. But yes, if you want to write a well-defined fiction, you must add the following elements to your creation.

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Top 5 Most Important Elements in a Fiction

Let’s explore the elements mentioned below.

1. A thrilling plot

First, you have to understand how you want to start your story. It is a tricky task to create the beginning. You have to wisely make your fiction plot where you can give some background info. Then gradually go ahead and keep making the sequences complicated. Thus, the readers get time to grasp the changes. People love such stories that look like they are experiencing a journey.

2. Protagonist

You must add the main character that will drive the story. Such a character and characters must be reliable, and their actions and motivations should make sense based on their personality. A protagonist of fiction represents the positive side of society. And, thus people admire such characters and their deeds.

3. Antagonist

When there is a hero, the appearance of a villain is mandatory. When the antagonists show and bring all negativities, they grow anger and hatred in the heart of the readers. And this way, they reflect the impact of darkness on an individual. When you make your characters precisely, you are more likely chosen by the publishers in London.

4. Conflict

Confliction in every sphere of life looks enticing. And, when there will be a conflict between the existence of good and bad, it will draw more readers. A breathtaking conflict between two parties (both physical or mental conflicts) will oblige the readers to read the fiction with utmost excitement.

5. A resolution

Whether your story ends happily or not, your fiction needs to have some satisfying conclusion. You may not tie up every loose end. But, giving at least somewhat of a resolution is a must. Otherwise, your readers may get frustrated.

Hopefully, you have understood how to make your fiction exciting to the UK book publishers in London. Thus, they select your fiction book to publish.

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