Jesus Of Nazareth! Who Really is He? by Rev Sydney Ugwunna

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Many modern theologians, in trying to find out who Jesus of Nazareth is, tend to outdo their rivals; by so doing, they try to bring their own speculations, imaginations, and personal opinions into the whole narrative. Thus, the stories about who Jesus of Nazareth is become confusing and too complicated.

Christians who are not theologians get lost with the excessive theological vocabulary and abstract ideas introduced into the narrative. Dr. Sydney Ugwunna, as a scientist himself, and a Priest, teaches that good scientists never reach conclusions about anything by guessing, by speculation, by supposition, by hearsay, or by lies. They reach conclusions by carefully reaching for facts, careful verification (experimentation) and astute observation for results.

Before a good scientist arrives at conclusions, he or she must have conducted thorough investigations on the subject or object of his or her studies, often many times (repeatedly), and follows up with careful observation. Once good scientists thus reach conclusions, they have faith in their conclusions or beliefs; they can never be convinced otherwise — you can never change their minds, because their conclusions are true and reliable. This is even more so in theology, because here we are dealing with mysteries, most of which we cannot see or easily understand. Therefore, greater care is even taken here to avoid rash and faulty conclusions.

This is how Dr. Sydney Ugwunna does theology.

This is how he arrived at his conclusion about who Jesus of Nazareth really is.

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