My Lord and I by Jane Oragui

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This is a true life story of my walk with the Lord Jesus.

I believe my calling by the Lord from birth, orchestrated the path of events in my life.

I have had heavenly visions that have acted as a guide in my life towards my calling and the ministry. To be precise, in one of them the Lord told me; Everything that you will go through, is for you to teach others”. Pointing to the angels on his right and left, he said; “Go with the angels and they will show you what to do.”

Surprisingly, he has led me as a missionary to Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Kenya.  I have gone through life and phases and made so many sacrifices that have cost me but I am proud to share my experiences.

Previously, I had a feeling of regret and pain but as the Lord taught me the values of his heart and of eternity, I am now always thankful for all he has taught me and is still teaching me.

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