The Equation of Sales by Tim Gibbons


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A practical guide to selling technology

The Equation of Sales is the distillation of more than 20 years of sales experience into practical tools for people selling technology.

Trust x Needs x Value = Successful Selling

Trust, needs and value are the three things that a sales person must establish with any buyer, whether they are selling shoes or aeroplanes. People buy from people that they trust; people buy something that they need and they buy something that they perceive as valuable. If the sales person cannot establish all three, generally in that order, then they will struggle to sell. This book will help you to understand how to establish that trust, how to identify those needs and how to demonstrate value to your customer. As a result, you will make more sales and make more commission!

The book is mainly aimed at people starting their careers in technology sales. It provides the basic tools to decide which customers to try to sell to, how to find out what they might need and how to persuade them that your solution is the most effective one. For people who have been working in sales for a number of years, the book provides great tips and hints and refreshes your knowledge about these things. It is not the only sales book you will ever need but it should be the first sales book that you need. It provides the foundation for further training and development.  To help with that, it includes a workbook featuring an example product and sales person plus worksheets for you to complete so that you can immediately apply what you have read to your own product.

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