Vegetarianism & Reasoned Judgement by Payam Felehgari

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Those readers who count themselves as meat-eaters, read this book from start to finish, and persist in their diet and belief, have to doubt their inference and comprehension faculties.

The current text proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that meat-eating causes disease and shortens life in humans, in addition to pushing nature to the brink of destruction.

Vegetarian foods are healthier and more savoury. One can never eat meat without adding ungodly amounts of flavours and seasonings, beans, and vegetables. Care was taken in this book to derive all scientific facts, be it in the field of medicine or environment, from reputable sources and in cohesion with recent scientific advances.

Those who still have their doubts can go to the reference section at the end to assess and ensure the accuracy of the statements.

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