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Whether you have just typed the final full stop of your book, or are just writing the opening line, at some point you will want to think about how to get your book published. Traditional publishing through mainstream publishing houses is notoriously difficult, which is why more and more brilliant authors are turning to self-publishing their books. Whilst you do have to foot the upfront costs when self-publishing, you also retain far more control and a higher percentage of the final sale revenue of your books. Self-publishing costs can vary wildly, so always make sure that you do your research and understand exactly what you are paying for. Here at ShieldCrest, we offer affordable and transparent self-publishing pricing to turn your story into a physical book that you can hold proudly in your hand.

Costs Associated with Self-publishing a Book

Research shows that people spend between £500 and £1200 to self-publish their book. However, some people manage to self-publish for next to nothing, while others can spend tens of thousands to do the same. There are many stages in order to self-publish a book, and we will break down the costs here so that you can see where you could save money on self-publishing.

Editing Costs

Editing consists of both developmental editing and copy editing of a book. The first looks at the overall story, plot, and flow, whilst the second looks at smaller details and errors or omissions. As with everything, editing costs can vary. On average, editing a 300-page book would cost around £300. Editing a longer book, or a factual book, may cost more.

Proofreading Costs

Proofreading is vital. Small mistakes, grammatical errors, and poor spelling can turn a reader off. Whilst you can proofread your book yourself, it is hard to spot one’s own mistakes, so hiring a proofreader to work on your book is money well spent. A proofreader would charge an average of around £500 to proofread a 300-word book.

Formatting Costs

Formatting ensures that the book is laid out nicely, the font is in keeping with the story, is legible, and that it is easy to read. Formatting costs for a book can be anything from £100 to £1000, so check the credentials of your chosen formatting professional.

Book Cover Design Costs

Don’t judge a book by its cover…while the old saying may be true, it is certainly not followed by the majority of readers. A cover tells you so much about a book. People browse bookshops looking at book covers, it is the book cover design that intrigues, excites, or delights them into picking the book up. An average designer will cost around £300, though as ever, more experienced book cover designers will charge more. Ask to see samples of previous work, and see if you like their ideas and styles.

Marketing Costs

Marketing is a “how long is a piece of string” cost. You can spend whatever you want on marketing. Social media marketing can be done with no cost, other than your time, whilst print, radio, or television marketing can set you back tens of thousands of pounds. Many authors choose to do their own book marketing as this can save money, but be realistic about your abilities to market your book.

Publishing Costs

Then comes the actual cost of physically producing a book. What formats do you want to publish your book in? Print, e-book, audio? Each has an associated cost, and you need to consider what you want as your final version, or indeed choose to publish in different formats to appeal to a wider audience.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Self Publishing Book

All books are different. A novel, a short story, a picture book, an epic saga, or a factual book about the history of leather work in Britain will all incur different costs. Length, complexity, and the amount of research needed will all affect the cost of self-publishing your book. Here at ShieldCrest, we will always discuss your book in great detail with you, no matter where in the writing stage you are, so that we will be able to advise you on the best and most affordable way to self-publish your book.

How to Keep Self-publishing Costs Down?

Think about what you want for your book. Do you want to write a book to share with your friends and family? Do you want to write the history of your local area? Or do you want to write a novel that will change the world? You will need to set a budget for what you want to spend and follow it. It can be easy to go over budget on projects. Think about what you consider important, good editing is worth every penny, and research shows that a good cover design for a book has a massive impact on sales. Many people choose to do their own marketing, but remember this will take time rather than money, so consider the value of your time.

Can You Self-Publish a Book for Free?

There are self-publishing platforms available, where you do all the editing, design, and formatting yourself, and simply upload your book to the platform. These can be free, or cheap. However, consider what you want to achieve, sometimes it can be better to pay for a professionally produced book, rather than feel disappointed by the end result.

Advice from an Independent Publisher in the UK

We love stories. Whether they are funny, sad, light-hearted, or tragic. We love helping our authors to share their stories, and to bring their pages of painstakingly typed words into the wider world. We are always here to discuss your ideas with you and advise on the best way to self-publish your book. With a range of self-publishing packages available, we will work with you to bring your book to life. We are ready to read your story, so simply head over to our contact page, and share your story with us today.


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  • Danny Taylor says:

    Three years of twice weekly stories of growing up very poor expanding to my life today. Short stories with varied subjects and they are all extremely popular with hundreds, literally, asking for the book form. I am a 69 year old retired plasterer who has led an eventful life.

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