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If you are an author, do not think that writing a book will be enough. You have to know the right way to publish your book by the award-winning book publishers. But, do not take this process lightly. You have to hold a thorough and formal approach.

Book Publishers

In this blog, you will come to know about some of the top etiquettes while going to hire the publishers.

Top Etiquettes to Follow while Hiring the Book Publishers

1. Enquiry letters

An enquiry letter should be formal. Do not use any personal phrases, don’t make jokes, and don’t be aggressive. It is best to write to the editor of the publishing house you have chosen to deal with. Though a phone call can provide the information, making an enquiry letter is more acceptable to the publisher. Make a formal letter, enclose a stamp, and address envelope.

2. Great presentation

There are several things that the publishers consider as a good manuscript. Thus, you have to remember these things while you start writing.

  • Use a computer to write.
  • Print your quality writing on white A4 paper
  • Print it only on one side and use double spacing to make it look more appealing to the publisher
  • Use good margins and start a chapter on a new page
  • Be consistent in choosing capitalisation, spellings, use of subheadings, etc.

3. Rules for a proposal

These rules are a must-know if you want to create an impactful image for those book publishers.

  • Address your proposal carefully without making any spelling mistakes
  • Elaborate your audience along with the size of the readership and how it can be reached
  • It is better to send your proposal to one publisher at a time
  • Do not act desperate after submitting your manuscript. Your patience will define your confidence in your creation.
4. Respond to criticism or rejection

It is a crucial stage where you get to know the decision of the publisher you are willing to work with. You can get both comments or criticism from the reviewer. Depending on the decision, you will know how to go further and what the next step will be. Whatever the decision is, make sure that you give a constructive and thorough response.

Hopefully, this blog has made you enriched with sufficient knowledge on approaching the award-winning book publishers in the UK. So, if you want to make an impactful approach, follow the mentioned rules. Don’t know where to start? Here is a how to publish a book guide to keep you going! To gain something more about it, you may read some other blogs.


  • Do you work as publication consultant ?

    • Shieldcrest says:

      Hi Prabhudayal,

      We are a publisher but we are happy to consult on books, although not as an independent as maybe an individual consultant may be.

      Please let us know what your requirement is and we can certainly provide some advice.



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