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Emmanuel Goka

Emmanuel Goka


Emmanuel Goka lives in Ghana with his wife and three children. He went in search of his world, to learn its extent and found it to be beyond all the planetary systems and well beyond the humans’ earth world.

He also found that there were others under the waters, and elsewhere, more intelligent, more spiritual, more capable than humans.

Each Tribe A God or Goddess

The Xexemewortor (Almighty God) appears to tribes or nations as a god or goddess. The revelation is in the form of an image and name to demand full reverence and obedience. But some tribes or nations chose other gods or goddesses to whom they gave full allegiance to the detriment of their own. They incurred the wrath of Xexemewortor who considered them disobedient and didn’t answer them in their time of need. To their shock, instead of peace, security and development, Xexemewortor caused them to experience anarchy, droughts, extreme poverty, hunger, hopelessness, violent crimes, diseases, natural disasters and shorter life spans.

The novel teaches that each nation or tribe must serve and worship its god or goddess in the form and by the name revealed to it by Xexemewortor for sustainable development as their non-worship of their god amounts to disobedience of Xexemewortor.

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Our Romantic Journey Through The Days

This is a ‘conversational’ novel that gives a vivid description of the awesomeness of a couple’s seemingly unending romantic relationship.

The love spanned from pledges of commitment through words and acts which made it seem as though it was meant to be until death.

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The Alphabets

A romantic novel that tells the stories of twenty-six women (each woman also referred to as ‘god’ and each woman has three additional organs (described as ‘gods’ forming part of her body) and a man who lived under the oceans. And the man (Leboma) had as many lives as the number of women because each woman gave him one life.  And he devoted time and attention to all the women, including romantic times, which were often heralded by sweet smelling smells or scents (aromas). He and the women led peaceable and quiet lives proving that women can live harmoniously with each other and with a man, unlike Leboma’s mother and grandmother who had no success on land  with their respective husbands though each was the only wife of her husband.  By the end of the story, Leboma realised that the women also had many lives because each can change into any other living thing.

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Queen Godsheren Reigns

A story about a non-royal girl, who rejected and mocked a man who proposed romantic love to her but she accepted his gift. She then onwards led an opportunistic life as an alternate wife to every husband of every wife in the city that was eventually named after her. Years later she became the lawful wife of three husbands, but two of the husbands deserted her. And, with one husband left, through happenstance, she was coronated as Queen of the city and kingdom that bore her name and to that one kingdom was added four others and she ruled over all as one unified kingdom.

Queen Godhseren introduced new ideas, implemented policies and carried out actions and services in her kingdom that should be the benchmark for future kings and queens, possibly for nation or country heads or presidents to be measured or judged or for past kings or queens to be assessed. Queen Godsheren gave a new working definition of what it meant to be coronated as king or queen.

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God Amends


The two terms mean one and the same thing, and are used to refer to sexual relations between a woman and a man – a woman and a man who desire to understand the power, the authority, and the awesomeness of the mystery of sexual acts, and to obtain the multiple benefits when they actively play their roles mutually, as did the men and women in the novel who reaped enduring benefits.

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Eclectic Conversations

Eclectic Conversations tells the story of two women who carried on discussions over a period of weeks and came to the realisation that human motives determine their actions; secondly, that some humans do not know that the church is not for saints but receives bad and evil people. Thirdly the observance of food LAWS AND restrictions which NON – OBSERVANCE OR RESTRICTION BY some make them commit crimes;  fourthly, they showed a link between the past and the future and advised that because of that relationship, museums should never be destroyed. Fifthly, they explain why leaders fail in some societies or nations;  Sixthly, the purpose of humans on earth, especially the importance of the married knowing each spouse’s role or purpose to ensure the relationship is successful.

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In the Garden of Life

Are humans, however powerful, all merely players on earth’s stage?

The Arianians and Pepperon trusted in technology and science and their products and put them above ghosts, haunted homes, haunted hotels, spirits and angels and gave thought to “what the eyes can see” world only but that changed when a series of events occurred for which they could not offer scientific, technological or any other rational human explanation.

The Arianians therefore paid so much to seek explanation through a friend who lived on another continent where they believed in the spiritual as well as the physical and admitted that there was a world beyond earth’s world of science, technology and physical objects.

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