Each Tribe, a God or Goddess by Emmanuel Goka

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Paperback (148mm x 210mm – A5) – ISBN: 978-1-912505-87-6

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The Xexemewortor (Almighty God) appears to tribes or nations as a god or goddess. The revelation is in the form of an image and name to demand full reverence and obedience. But some tribes or nations chose other gods or goddesses to whom they gave full allegiance to the detriment of their own. They incurred the wrath of Xexemewortor who considered them disobedient and didn’t answer them in their time of need. To their shock, instead of peace, security and development, Xexemewortor caused them to experience anarchy, droughts, extreme poverty, hunger, hopelessness, violent crimes, diseases, natural disasters and shorter life spans.

The novel teaches that each nation or tribe must serve and worship its god or goddess in the form and by the name revealed to it by Xexemewortor for sustainable development as their non worship of their god amounts to disobedience of Xexemewortor.

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