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Coming soon! “Hindsights” by Oren Hammerquist

By 7 November 2017May 18th, 2022No Comments

Author picBased in the USA, the author recently completed his Master’s degree in English and Creative Writing with Southern New Hampshire University. He also holds a BA in Criminal Justice from AMU and an AA in Liberal Arts from Pierce College. He is presently in the US Army based in Germany with his wife and four children

His futuristic story is based around Seattle where psychics form a key part of society–filling useful roles in police investigations, fortune-500 companies, anthropology, and anything you can imagine.
Nathan Wald, once a child prodigy, now battles with far more human needs. His special talent makes him a human lie detector but he quickly finds that knowing a lie doesn’t necessarily give him the truth.
Nathan struggles to find his place in society, a society driven in many directions by hate, fear, hidden agendas, and the personally unreachable goal of just being normal.

His book will be released at the end of November with full early bird discount purchasing details.

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