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Just Released – “Executive Protection – The Next Level” by an expert in the field.

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Richard Hardaker joined the Military Police in 1974 and then specialised in Close 9781911090847Protection (CP) in 1986.
Having provided Close Protection whilst seconded to the Foreign Office and assignments at NATO, Cyprus and the first Gulf War Richard has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience within the CP sector.
He left the military in 1997 and continued CP within the civilian sector in positions as Team Leader and currently is the Head of Protective Security Detail (CP) Operations to the head of a wealthy Arab (UAE) state, a position he has held since 2004.

Close Protection (CP) is renowned for its excellence in providing top level protection to many levels of society. The fact that CP is
being used in the first place means that there is a real risk to the person being protected.

His book describes the training deeded and he importance of providing the right calibre of individual or team necessary to ensure that the correct concentric level(s) of security is measurable to the threat.

In addition to being highly informative about the importance and rolls in CP, his book is also aimed at those who aspire to be managers, team leaders or supervisors with the responsibility of recruitment and selection of a team.

He says – having a CP licence is merely the first step…

His book is now available and can be purchased:

  • ShieldCrest Publishing – Here
  • Amazon Books – Here
  • Google books – Here
  • Waterstones Books – Paperback – Here

Scan the barcode below in your Amazon app.

ISBN 9781911090847

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