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Official Press Release: The Demise Of The Church

By 30 September 2015May 18th, 2022No Comments

2015-08-07 Front CoverThe Demise Of The Church: New Book Blows Whistle on Modern Church that Wounds, Hurts & Angers its Followers.

Samuel Adullam’s ‘The Demise Of The Church’ pulls no punches when dissecting the shattered state of modern-day faith institutions; a fraternity that often wounds its members, rather than moving them closer to their faith. Adullam explores what went wrong, what the far-reaching effects are and what can possibly be done to stitch the church back together for good.


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United Kingdom – Like millions of others, Samuel Adullam grew up as an active member of his local church, only to eventually recognize that what was being preached from the pulpit was far from legitimate. He has spent his entire adult life searching for answers, a search which led him to a stark conclusion – the church is actually in its final stages of demise.

In ‘The Demise Of The Church’, Adullam takes readers on a journey to discover exactly what went wrong.


This is a summary, sad but true, of what was intended to be the greatest demonstration of God’s wisdom, to the world, throughout the ages. Through a single body of people called the Church. Sadly, today the Western Church is anything but that. Rather, it is an object of ridicule, fragmented into tens of thousands of pieces, displaying anything but the manifold wisdom of God. Leaving millions, wounded, hurt and angry in its wake. How did it come to this? The author gives his reasons for the Church’s demise, and briefly gives answers, in part to the dilemma.

“There’s been a burning conflict inside for me, for almost my entire life, when it comes to believing what I was taught through the church,” explains the author. “I’m not discounting all religion, far from it; but I am writing this book to prove that the church as an institution is broken. I hope it helps the millions who have struggled to find answers, like I have.”

Continuing, “The ironic thing is that the church, which claims to heal and bring people closer to God, actually leaves most confused and hurt. This needs to change, and that change can’t happen until we all recognize that a problem exists.”

Adullam sees wide appeal for his work.

“This is a book for everyone from the disenfranchised churchgoer right through to clergypeople and even national policy makers. The detrimental effects of the church knock on to all levels of society, so I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from what I have to say.”

‘The Demise Of The Church’ from ShieldCrest, is available now:

For more information, visit the publisher’s website:

ISBN:    978-1-910176-75-7

Retail price: £14.75

About the Author:

Samuel was introduced to Church circles at a young age, coming from a non-Church background. Initially caught up in the euphoria, he soon became aware of discrepancies, which demanded answers. And so much of his life was spent trying to find those answers. Answers which satisfied, and could in some small way go towards resolving his own inner conflict and those in what statistically amounts to millions of others.

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