14 Days In June by David Nicholson


Paperback (A5 – 210mm x 148mm) – ISBN: 9781915657275

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Having spent some of his teenage years in Kenya, Jake Ross travels back to visit his old house in Mpeketoni.  His trip becomes a nightmare as he and his loved ones are drawn into a serious game of ethnic jealousy and revenge.

Mpeketoni is situated near the border of Kenya and Somalia.  With the migration of tribes from Northern Kenya in the 1970’s and the years of land disputes, tensions are at an all time high.

Ethnic Somali, Oromo and kikuyus live along side one another, until on the 15th June 2014 the border between Kenya and Somalia erupts into a carnage of killing and kidnap.

Jake must find a way to keep everyone safe.

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Dimensions 25 × 22 × 3 cm

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