2020 – The Forgotten Leap Year by Vendon Wright


Paperback (210mm x 148mm – A5) – ISBN:  978-1-913839-71-0

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Earth is over four billion years old. It has gone through many changes, starting with the introduction of Dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago. While the Earth was very hot Dinosaurs enjoyed life to the fullest, but they became extinct as the climate slowly changed. As the earth cooled down and many Islands emerged, humans were then formed.

Humans have been around for millions of years enjoying the fruit of the land to the fullest! They have multiplied and exhausted the planet’s food and mineral resources. Now the climate has changed once more. Is it humans turn to become extinct, or can they develop a way to remain alive?

Can a group of teenagers really save the World? A dystopian drama made for teenagers and other children with an advanced developing reading knowledge.

This is a multicultural book full of stories and adventures for people interested in a magical and fantasy driven world.

A fun but gripping story full of humour. A must read!

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