Barclays – Bankers or Bandits? by J. R. Stephenson

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Paperback (210mm x 147mm – A5) – ISBN:  978-1-907629-48-8

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Barclays Bank is a large international bank which purports to be reliable, honest and dependable.

This book is a true and explosive account of deceit, incompetence and cover-ups orchestrated at the top of Barclays. It cost them millions and destroyed a successful company in the process.

It describes in detail how the culture at the very top of Barclays allowed its managers to dishonour agreements, deceive its customers, protect and reward a fraudster. All of which resulted in a successful company being brought to its knees simply because, in their own words, it suited them.

You will have difficulty believing the lengths they went to to defraud the directors of the company it but it really did happen and the evidence is held in a secret location should it be required.

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