Being Mrs Claus by M. Stevens

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After his successful children’s book “Becoming A Santa”, this is the author’s sequel and describes Mrs Claus’ participation on finding the missing elves.

Paperback (203mm x 127mm) – ISBN: 9781913839963

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Welcome to the sequel to ‘Becoming a Santa’.

After a successful Christmas Eve, most of the elves are up in the Lapland snow celebrating. However, by the time Mrs Claus and the Santas get out many of them have gone. In an epic battle, an unknown group has herded the elves together and taken them away.

Mrs Claus has to investigate and find a way to get them back. Meanwhile how are the remaining elves meant to create enough toys for next Christmas and how are they going to pay for it all?

It sounds like they need a plan from some of the – err – most creative minds in Under Lapland.

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