Better Sure Than Sorry – An exploration of transgender psychology that aims to reduce the risk of gender transition regret by Dr. Raj Pathagoerer

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Some people just deeply know that full hormonal and surgical gender transition is right for them and there is no doubt that this can help them to make the very best of their life.
Unfortunately, there are other people who make the wrong decision about full gender transition and suffer a lifetime of bitter regret.

A wrong decision is more likely to be made by an immature young mind or someone who is struggling badly with their mental wellbeing.

People tend to be either strongly pro-gender transition or strongly sceptical about gender transition. This book tries to find a middle ground between these opposing views and pays attention to both the good and the potentially worrying aspects of a transgender life. It was written by a retired doctor to try to fill a gap in the transgender literature as a safeguarding publication that has ten aims:

1. To consider how transgender feelings in some people at any age may result from complex processes in the unconscious mind.
2. To discuss how Social Media, family and societal factors can influence transgender feelings – particularly in young people.
3. To describe the potential side effects of hormonal and surgical gender transition treatments.
4. To protect young children and adolescents from permanent life-changing treatments.
5. To try to reduce the overall risk of gender transition regret.
6. To suggest that anyone who is considering gender transition has their deepest feelings explored with the assistance of a psychotherapist – as a precaution.
7. To provide a reference book for psychiatric nurses, psychotherapists, social workers, support workers and doctors in general practice or hospital. It is also hoped to inform the loved ones of trans-identifying children – or anyone who has transgender feelings.
8. To request positive and progressive discussion between transgender and cisgender people to promote a mutual understanding and a comfortable coexistence – for the benefit of all concerned.
9. To emphasise the importance of fair and reasonable treatment for all of those in the LGBTQIA+ population – no matter how they choose to express their gender identity and sexual orientation.
10. To highlight serious concerns about the way in which the United Kingdom’s National Health Service is being badly mismanaged. This wastes huge quantities of taxpayers’ money and severely limits the availability of appropriate transgender care and psychological care.

Parents please remember that the immature mind of a young child or an adolescent is extremely unlikely to fully understand adult sexual relationships and the emotions behind wanting their own children later in life. After some types of gender transition treatment – there is no going back.

It is sincerely hoped that an approach that is appropriately trans-supporting and trans-cautious can be taken by all parties in the future.

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