Desired Future – Workbook by Susan Ogundele

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Many young people, at the age of 16, are unsure of what career path to pursue, they are usually confused and find choosing that path a daunting exercise. Unfortunately, some eventually stumble into a career without any real prior knowledge of whether it is suitable for their strengths and personal qualities. They therefore try hard to fit a square peg in round hole becoming really unhappy and disillusioned.

This book is written to provide activities that will help a young person to focus on the kind of future they desire, help them to plan and encourage hard work so they can achieve their desired future.

It may also help the parents of younger children to start guiding their children early on in order prepare them, avoiding the potential pitfalls along the way.

By doing the activities in this book, a young person will be engaged in a journey of self-discovery that will gradually help them to identify and choose a suitable career; this will in turn create focus and motivation to work hard towards a good future, reducing or possibly even preventing behavioural problems that can occur as a result of lack of focus and motivation in school.

We need to be conscious that as being humans, knowing why we are performing a task, changes our approach to that task.

This workbook accompanies the guide that can be purchased Here

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