Essential Names and Places in the Bible Made Clearer by The Venerable Prof. Sydney C. Ugwunna

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Sources of information for this Compilation are primarily the Holy Bible, Old and New Testaments, Authorized King James Version. No other references or bibliography are listed in this Compilation except those directly from the Bible.

All important references and quotations come from the Bible. Secondary sources are Seminars held, in the course of many years, by many world renowned Biblical Scholars from many parts of the world, in which the Editors of this Compilation (Dr. Sydney and Esther Ugwunna) participated.

Other sources include oral conversations between many Biblical Scholars from many nations and Dr. Sydney Ugwunna.

Extremely important sources were also derived from the writings of the world renowned Theologian and Bible scholar, Dr. Gilbert James Brett.

Thus, this book is simply a compilation and editorial work (by Dr. Sydney and Mrs. Esther Ugwunna), of works already in existence. They are not claiming authorship. This Compilation, therefore, is not an original work, in that sense.

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