Forever Home Within – Here and Now by Vanessa Bunting

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8” x 5” (203 x 127 mm) ISBN: 978-1-912505-03-6 

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From the author of Forever Home Within and Forever Home Within And Beyond! comes this latest account of Vanessa’s quest to find her forever home where she can live and flourish.

Having made the decision to jump into the unknown and risk everything, the emphasis has quickly shifted from enjoying her beautiful home with a loving husband and cats, to the stark reality before her the reality which has been chosen but at what cost?

Her trust in fate is still strong and she believes that it’s possible to attract all that is good and true into her life.

But time and tide wait for no man. There is only the here and now to get it right. Better get the kettle on…

From the author of Forever Home Within and Forever Home Within ~ and beyond! comes this latest light-hearted and accessible read about everyday life and the power of hopes and dreams when all else fails. She says: My memoir-style books are intended to be simple, everyday reads about the hustle and bustle I find in life, and my musings about a forever home where I find peace, love and laughter, in the company of my beloved husband and cats. This definitely isn’t about look at me and look at my life but rather whether my hopes and dreams, as mentioned throughout this book, will ever materialise. I believe and trust that they will, so you’ll be reading about them Here And Now. Life can be enchanting because there’s little indication about what will happen next. No matter how much of a measured approach you re able to take in life, there are always one’s instincts, which can kick in at any time, to make us think again. There’s no fast-track option here. But we can also learn so much from each other’s experiences and so stand to benefit in this respect. I personally find that people, animals and nature are all very inspirational. Not just by their inherent traits, such as their endurance of extreme hardship, but by the comfort and companionship they can also bestow upon us unconditionally. I may not know you personally but that doesn’t matter my writing is still directed from the heart, and so I present a variety of events, thoughts and outcomes in this latest offering, which I hope you will find both encouraging and entertaining. With love and thanks.

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