‘Forever Home Within~Music & Dance’ by Vanessa Bunting

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Another heartwarming book from Vanessa Bunting who charts everyday events during her year which are also typical for many families.


This true story is ongoing from nine years in print and follows the life of a restless female who finally found inner peace in her forever home, shared with her husband and four cats in semi-rural countryside.

It’s a simple life lived without the nearness of friends or family but yet entrenched with a deep-rooted sense of belonging, gratitude and privilege.

Much like music & dance, this life does become out of tune sometimes with the wrong steps taken at the wrong time. At other times there’s complete harmony from being on the right track, with the right beat and taking the right steps.

There are different ways of listening, recognising, reacting and responding to whatever situation comes to be and whether literally or metaphorically, alone or shared, the power of music & dance can while away the toughest of times, bringing us back to this space we occupy here in this solar system where planets and stars are moving too – in another shared space.

So, here’s to all the moving and shaking of another year to be DISCOvered!

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