Grasping the Poor Performance Nettle by Anthony Dance

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A step by step guide to tackling Poor Performance, Unacceptable Behaviour and Poor Attendance in the Workplace.

Any manager can manage good people, you only have to point them in the right direction and leave them to get on with job.

Any manager can manage a gross misconduct situation because there are nearly always clear facts to work on and a clear process to follow.  Poor performance however is not so easy. There are often unclear facts to work on and there is no recognised process to follow; until now!

Use the performance management tools outlined in this book. Follow the GRASPING the Nettle steps and you will be able to address poor performance issues fairly and professionally. GRASPING the poor performance nettle.

Did you know that it is possible to grasp a stinging nettle without getting stung? All you need to do is grab hold of it boldly, quickly and by using the right technique.

Tackling poor performance or poor behaviour should be approached in the same way.  Confront a performance or behaviour issue quickly, confidently, and in the right manner, and it is possible to do this (the most difficult and challenging of all management tasks) without too much pain.

Read and digest the critical information outlined in this manager development book. Follow the Grasping the Nettle steps and you will find that tackling poor performance is not as difficult as you may think.

This is a must read for all people managers. By using the unique procedures, tips and techniques outlined in this book, you will be able to address performance issues effectively, professionally, fairly and reasonably.

Reading this book before tackling a performance issue will certainly minimise the risk of complaints, grievances and spurious tribunal claims.

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