Grid-Connected & Standalone Solar Systems Design by Phineas S. Malunjwa

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The production of solar electricity is not as straight forward as that of conventional Electricity.

This fact is explained by Chapter 2 (2. The Sun’s Energy), in order to adequately equip the designer with the knowledge of how to make use of the available Sunlight. Solar Cell Technology and Solar Cell efficiency, for both crystalline silicon and thin film cells, are discussed and explained, with the aim of enabling the designer/installer to make a better judgement/understanding when selecting type of module to use.

A proper selection of P.V. components is very essential for the P.V. system to function properly and to produce the expected power output. Components for both grid-connected and standalone P.V. systems, are adequately discussed and explained to enable the designer/installer to make an informed decision in the selection of components for the P.V. System.

Possible power losses from the P.V. system have been pointed out and how these power losses can be mitigated, have been discussed and explained. Therefore, the designer will be able to evaluate the actual power output from the P.V. System. Examples are given, e.g. 3.2 Example 3, showing how to determine energy available to the consumer, and 3.3 Example 4, showing how to determine size of P.V. array (KW). Other examples worked out, for both grid-connected and Standalone P.V. Systems, show adequate detail to the designer/Installer, on how to achieve a properly designed and installed P.V. system.

Now also available in ebook format from Amazon, Kobo etc

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