Life, Love, Light and Loss by Nat Nollid

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Paperback (229mm x157mm) – ISBN:  978-0-956362-38-4

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Nat Nollid wrote these poems over many years and they reflect his own upbringing and the difficulties he experienced. This is his first book and much of the work was written some years ago and is often of an autobiographical nature. He believes that a spiritual insight to life can fill the void that many feel in our present day materialist society.

A difficult upbringing conditioned his outlook but nevertheless, he feels it has helped to fashion his present beliefs and values.

These values he hopes will be shared by the reader and in some small way may open their hearts and minds or provide some form of solace, given the trials and tribulations of the 21st century.

As it is his first endeavour in publishing a book, he has chosen to give the profits to charity as a small way of giving something back to society. The proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.

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