Maths Untangled by Ann Moore

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Paperback (210mm x 297mm A4) ISBN: 978-1912505-97-5

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Maths does not have to be confusing or scary. It can be simple and understood by you.

Maths Untangled is your ‘no-nonsense’ travel guide.

I am not a Mathematician. At school, I was no high-flier, not even an also ran. More a back-marker. I appreciate how it felt being the one who did not get it.

Helping struggling or disillusioned students UNTANGLE doubt and become less fearful was my passion and driving force as a teacher.

  • To develop my own different creative approaches, to unlock their potential. The key?
  • To build their resilience, self-esteem and confidence and achieve light bulb moments, positive attitude change, and new-found motivation.
  • To gain a realisation it is possible to understand, and yes, even enjoy the subject.

My fondest memory is a bottom set student who wanted to be a mechanic and returned to tell me he became one.

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