Mind Your Business by Anthea Davidson-Jarrett

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A diary for Your future; using Symbols instead of words.

Everywhere You look, the media have injected their consumerism agenda into Your mind with imagery, logos, adverts, jingles… the list goes on. Buy this, do that, look like this, think like that etc, etc.

What You constantly think about is what You ultimately attract so why not program Your own Mind instead of allowing it to be programmed unknowingly or subconsciously by others trained to do so!

This book provides a haven for You to explore the unique Genius in You by creating your own imagery, logos, adverts and reminders of what You truly want to manifest!

Jam packed with colourful imagery and guidance of how to design Your own programmable images, Mind You Business is truly a gift You should invest for Your Self and those You love and cherish.

“That’s where the magic lies, in the thoughts and feelings! The Mind is a Magical place, which births all we see physically today. Alongside perseverance, tenacity and a little sweat, absolutely anything is possible when You truly Mind Your Business.”

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