Mr Roosevelt’s Case by Mostafa Khaled

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As the world recovers following the pandemic many people have suffered the almost invisible effects of deteriorating mental health, depression, dysthymia and a host of other issues, some have a lifetime of experience, others are new to this debilitating illness.

The eminent and world renowned psychotherapist, Dr Linda Hastings, having worked with and treated hundreds of patients, is recognised in the Queen of England’s birthday honours list for her services to global medicine and awarded the accolade of Damehood.

In contrast, Mr Adam Roosevelt, an English professor, finds himself suffering from loneliness and insomnia and finding it increasingly hard to manage his condition unaided. Having finally decided to reach out and seek appropriate help, a whole raft of mysterious events begin to take place…

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2 reviews for Mr Roosevelt’s Case by Mostafa Khaled

  1. Andreea Gemene (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed reading this book! I have a very specific type of books that I like to read, usually J. R. Ward and Nora Roberts, but I’m glad I tried something different. The story gets more and more interesting as you read it, the language used is so beautiful and pretty complex too. It took me back to the old times, but at the same time it was very relevant to the current days that we’re living in. Overall I really liked the book, and I definitely recommend reading it.

  2. Farah Shafiek

    Highly recommended book, the style of writing ,the story itself, the interesting events that took place in very cohesive manner and the sparkls you would feel reading it makes it a very good experience full of well described feelings ,details that force you stay awake just to finish reading.
    Looking forward for more publication by this Author such a talented storyteller.

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