Swifty the Magic Aeroplane –Book 3-The Redville Conservators’ by David Lindsey (paperback)

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Another 22 stories that children will love when Swifty the magic aeroplane takes Jimmy on more adventures.

Paperback (210mm x 210mm) – ISBN:  978-1-913839-85-7   (Also available in hardback)

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In the first Swifty book, Jimmy Robinson finds the wreck of an aeroplane in the back corner of a hangar. A voice comes from the wreck asking Jimmy to mend him so that he can fly again, and in return he will teach Jimmy how to fly! Jimmy does the job and this was the start of their many adventures together.

In book two, Swifty starts to lose his magic and has to go with Jimmy on an adventurous journey to the Magic Aeroplane Factory in order to have it renewed.

In book three, 22 more exciting adventures take place and then the lives of the three friends, Jimmy, Lucy and Johnny change direction when they notice the local effects of climate change on nature and decide to do something astonishing to begin the fight back.

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