The Moon Dust Rainbow by Christine Cameron

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Paperback (148mm x 210mm) – ISBN: 978-1-912505-95-1

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The story The Moon Dust Rainbow is a fairy story for grownups and children who want pure magic.

The story starts at a fire festival where young Edan meets a beautiful selkie (a mythical sea creature) called Lamerose. Edan uses theft and deception to try and gain influence over Lamerose by stealing the pouch containing her seal skin, thus preventing her from returning to the sea. She is presented with a dilemma and the reader gains insight into the life of selkies in relation to interaction with humans.

A riddle is presented to the couple who have to collect clues to solve the puzzle. To reach the moon dust planet to find the missing pouch they build a bridge. The story ends with a climax of explosive action. The book ends with an unexpected poetic, philosophical prologue involving a silver planet, a rose and tears. Please enjoy the journey with Edan and Lamerose.

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