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“Revelations” – The Long awaited memoirs of Cheshire escort Robina Jax is now available

By 20 July 2016May 18th, 2022No Comments

2016-06-27 - Front cover final“Revelations” is the true story of Robina Jax  who led a double life after being drawn into the escort world.

To her friends, Robina was a loving wife and doting mother to her children but they did not know about her secret life involving drugs, alcohol and sex in which she found herself.

She describes in detail, never before revealed, the true extent of the debauchery and orgies in which she participated to satisfy  both men and occasionally women and the eventual toll it took.

Most of us imagine we know what the world of a high class escort entails but this book takes the lid off the extent of the licentious desires and sexual fantasies she encountered from her clients who came from all strata of life, including well-known people.

In order to fully understand how she was drawn into it, what it entailed and the tragic effect it eventually had, it has been necessary to describe in graphic detail some of the sexual encounters in which she participated to satisfy her clients. Please note therefore that if explicit sexual content offends, this is not the book for you.

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ISBN 9781911090205


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