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ShieldCrest Start 2016 with the launch of a new Social Media marketing package

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Social media1As part of the extensive range of marketing services we offer our authors, we have now added a comprehensive social media marketing package.

The power of Social Media is not readily understood but it has become one of the most significant book marketing tools at an author’s disposal. Online networking can enable an author to target a vast audience, eager, engaged and constantly on the lookout for your genre of book and all new literary trends. With a well-orchestrated book marketing campaign executed through social media, an author can generate a groundswell of interest and support.

Following the publication of your book, ShieldCrest will design a specific and tailored Social Media Book Marketing Campaign targeted to your audience together with a unique leader page through our social media platform which functions as a ‘mini-website’. It will get the most out of Twitter & Facebook and the rest, to really create a buzz, capture followers and drive them through to an author web page or to online book retailers.

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