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YogaLife Magazine features Maria Hawkes, Author of “Yoga, MS & Me”.

By 8 May 2015May 18th, 2022No Comments

Hawkes-YMMMaria Hawkes has found that once you get your book featured in the right media, it can create a following and sales start to escalate. Published almost 2 years ago her book bobbed along with small sales until recently when she decided to contact magazines and journals which focused on Yoga and Multiple sclerosis.

You see, she is both a Yoga expert and runs classes to teach the art to others and she also suffers from multiple sclerosis.  She found that by using Yoga methods it had a profound effect on helping her cope with this crippling disease and stem its slow but relentless progression. So the market was clear:

Firstly, her book is a top quality, full colour, teach yourself book with hundreds of pictures demonstrating the various positions of Yoga and their effect.

Secondly, with over 100,000 people from 20 years old upwards suffering from MS and millions worldwide, she wanted to get the message out of what she had discovered.

She thought that if the journals dealing with both these two aspects could understand the significance of her book, it must sell and so it has.

To all our other authors who might feel their sales are a little sluggish, we suggest you do as Maria did and sit back and think about who should read your book and how best to get the message to them. Maria’s book is shortly to be featured in several more important journals and magazines and will begin to reach an international market.

Congratulations and good luck Maria. We’re sure your book will become a standard for both Yoga and sufferers of MS.

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