3 Simple Book Marketing Strategies For Self-Published Authors.

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Whether you are wanting to self publish a book that earns big, or just wanting your work to be read by as many people as possible a great marketing strategy can connect you with your target audience and have a dramatic effect on sales and growth. In this article we will cover a few simple, yet effective strategies that may lead you down a path of great success.

1. Social Media

In an increasingly modern society social media is the backbone of how we stay connected. It is therefore vital that you make the most of the ability to directly communicate with your target audience.

A great start would be to set up an author page on Facebook, and accounts with Twitter and Instagram. Once made you will be able to communicate freely, and build relationships with new, or returning readers. By following the most popular hashtags, and engaging in personalised interactions on posts you will begin to make a long list of authentic connections.

2. Attend Book Festivals

This is a great way to to personally interact with your growing audience. Using techniques such as creating a digital trailer, you will be able to convert avid readers in to first time buyers of your book.

3. Give Access To Your Audience

People don’t necessarily always want more content from you, they may in fact want more access to you. By engaging with your audience and providing them with more access to yourself you should begin to see increase in book sales.

An example of giving your audience access to yourself would be offering people who bought a certain amount of books, or pre-ordered your book access to a live stream Q&A with yourself.

These 3 strategies aim to give you a brief introduction to book marketing, and to understand that connectivity and communication is fundamental part of marketing your book. With this information you will hopefully be on your way to discovering many new ways to promote your book and connect with your audience.

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